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Reebok Pump

// Reebok Pump

Attention all sneakerheads - the legendary Reebok Pump of the 1990s has been revamped and has now landed at Foot Locker in exclusive colourways!

The new collection has two sick silhouettes: the Pump Omni Lite and the Pump Court Victory in exclusive colourways that pay homage to key US Basketball cities of New York and Chicago!

The Reebok Pump is a classic with serious technological heritage as it was introduced back in the days in 1989. Next year will be the 25th anniversary of these kicks and Foot Locker is the ONLY place where you can find these colourways until 2014!

We love these kicks 'cause not only do they look good, they are very practical too. With a completely self-contained air inflator and a release valve on the tongue, these kicks give you the perfect fit as you shoot some hoops with your mates!

Wanna learn more about how you can Pump It Up? Then check out the videos below! Then check out Foot Locker's exclusive collection of Reebok Pump videos made by up and coming film makers from all over the world!